Tintin’s Tintal Tintle

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‘Tintin’s Tintal Tintle’ is the 4th single release of the Bongomatik calendar that will bring you one new Bongomatik track every month.
Release date 1 August 2015
Tintin’s Tintal Tintle is Bongomatik’s homage to the golden age of Bollywood. A lovely tune in our typical Bombay-Boogie-Style. Listen while you cruise on a road trip during the hot August summer – or just enjoy it while laying on the beach.

Tintal’s Tintal Tintle by Bongomatik
composed by Thomas Hilbrandie
Video by Mick Paauwe / 3D logo by Michel BAM Grens
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jens Kerkhoff / Roughsound
Produced by Jens Kerkhoff and Bongomatik

Tintin’s Tintal Tintle
Performer: Bongomatik
Composer: Thomas Hilbrandie
ISRC: NLH6N1500004