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Neuspen is the Dutch word for ‘nose pen’ – a piercing. It tells the story of our lovely princess Kseniya and her pierced prince who had to die a tragical death.
Neuspen is the February 2016 single release of the Bongomatik calendar that will bring you one new Bongomatik track every month.

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Yeah-Yeah by Bongomatik
composed by Pim Dros
lyrics by Xiomara Alida Inés van Eendenburg
Video by Mick Paauwe

Xiomara Virdo – vocals
Yumarya Grijt – vocals
Alberto Caicedo – vocals / trombone
Thomas Hilbrandie – guitar
Leon den Engelsen – keys
Mick Paauwe – bass
Pim Dros – drums
Jens Kerkhoff – percussion
George Pancras – trumpet

Recorded @ Souldust Studio, Rotterdam
Mixd and mastered by Jens Kerkhoff / Roughsound
Produced by Jens Kerkhoff, Pim Dros and Bongomatik


ISRC: NLH6N1600002