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Press reviews on ‘Bongomatik Your Life’ ©2014

‘Most likely the nicest band from the Netherlands’

‘… pleasure is bursting off the music of those seasoned musicians’

December 2013, Buma-Stemra magazine

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‘…Bongomatik did it just right’


January 2014, File Under

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‘There are many bands that mix styles, make eclectic music, use totally different influences in their music. But Bongomatik makes a fairly insane mix of lots…’

‘To manage so many styles and let them all sound convincing is no small task […] but Bongomatik knows how to do it very well indeed’

‘Bongomatik stands for a feel-good and creative lifestyle’

October 2013, review by the Dutch Jazz maven Vera Vingerhoeds at her blog: www.veravingerhoeds.com

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‘…their music is solid as a rock…’

December 2013, JazzFlits online Jazz blog, review by Tom Beetz

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Press reviews on ‘BONGOMATIK’ ©2011

‘…this band is one of the biggest surprises of the last year […] zippy, refreshing, disarming, funny, groovy and diverse…’

February 2011 Slagwerkkrant, the Nr.1 drummers magazine from the Benelux, review by Erk Willemsen

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‘…for sure, this band will turn your program into a party…’

6 February 2011, Het Parool, National Dutch Newspaper, review by Maartje den Breejen

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‘…a vital mix of Cuban, Columbian and Brasilian music, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Pop – filled with a lot of humor…’

‘…in a time where retro is hip […], the energy of these (latin-) jazz talents makes a big chance to reach a huge audience. Ideally in the top range of the charts…’

February 2011, Mixed World Music, online magazine, review by Elda Dorren

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‘… in the Netherlands we are spoiled [red.: with many great bands] but with this release, Bongomatik easily joins the top of Dutch bands. They are ready to go abroad…’

January 2011, FileUnder, online music magazine

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‘The summer is still far away – unless you turn on the happy sound of this album’

May 2011, JAZZISM, Holland’s no.1 jazz magazine, review by Angelique van Os

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