History of the Bongomatik and the Bongomatik Company®

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The notorious Bongomatik Company® was founded in the year 1952 by the great inventor and homeopathist Dr. Johann Schneyder. The first workshop and office building was settled in the suburbia of San Anton, the old colonial capital of Bongo-Rico.

During these early years, the company’s work was mainly dedicated to the ‘Bongomatik Home Kidney Dialysis Unit®’, one of Dr. Schneyder’s first innovative inventions.

bongomatik workshop2424668In spite of its great value for mankind and its ultramodern but cosy design, this apparatus never was a big success. The debacle was caused by a multi-national that sold cheap copies of Dr. Schneyder’s world-shaking invention and pushed the Bongomati Company® out of the market.

It’s a known fact that during these years, the overall economic situation of the young firm wasn’t that good. Some aggressive opponents tried to create rumours of bankruptcy. Notwithstanding the companies peers kept working hard. They came out with new impressing inventions almost every week. Finally they survived this depressing but nevertheless extremely creative period.


kidney unit10284553In the year 1956 the tide had turned by the introduction of the Bongomatik Original®, the device that put the company in the limelight.

The ‘Bongomatik Original®’ became the award winning designer success from the mid fifties.

A very useful and adorable piece of craftsmanship. It was a noise- and odourless, ergonomically designed all-purpose device. Its retro-futuristic design and multi-functionality made it the prototype of all wannahaves.

This great success forced the company to expand. Showing respect to the firms roots, the new headquarter was settled down in San Anton too – in a good neighbourhood.


pamda2104571The following years Dr. Schneyder successfully surrounded himself with the smartest wizards of modern intellectual and technical design. Out of this prolific collaboration a complete new line of Bongomatik devices was created, led by the still unmatched ‘Bongomatik Multi Band World Receiver®’.

This machine received radio waves from all over the world. Unlike similar tools, it not only broadcasted these waves, but first commingled them into a unique mixture of music. Its sound was extremely refreshing, like experiencing Cuban soul, desert grooves, Bombay boogie and twelve tone funk at the same time. A new music style was born. A mix from the most exciting genres of the world, wherever they came from. Nowadays we all know this style as ‘radiomusik’.


worldreceiver1457186Since beginning of the year 1998 the founder of the Bongomatik Company®, Dr. Johann Schneyder enjoys his well-deserved retirement. But the Bongomatik-fairytale goes on. Led by Dr. Schneider’s grand sons, two driven inventors as well, the company is still busy selling their price winning products.


But there is more: Today the time has come that we may tell a long kept secret. Right now the brains of the firm await the right moment to lance their new, all changing creation. Not much details can be revealed at the moment – but be prepared that the history of ergonomic design has to be rewritten for good.



Get ready for the new Bongomatik®





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