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Young and hip aficionados of music and dance all over the world have adopted the term Bongomatik as the highest possible compliment of being in tune with modern society. ‘Wow, your hair looks really bongomatik’ is to be answered with a contented smile, and if you’re wearing a bongomatik shirt, you are sure to be the king of the party.

The origin of this hype is the international designer success of the mid fifties, the BONGOMATIK Multi Band World Receiver®. This top of the line ‘all-music- styles-radio’ was created by the notorious Bongomatik© company and became their biggest seller.

Lately the term has been increasingly referring to groovy music. Especially one band sticks out for their extremely refreshing mix of Cuban soul, desert grooves, Bombay boogie and twelve tone funk. To call them hip would be an understatement – according to their audience, this is the most bongomatik band ever. No wonder these eight men and women have named themselves:


These folks know how to play the bongo and the electrical guitar alike. They don’t shy away from blood, sweat, callus and tears to give us back the feeling we felt when we saw our first BONGOMATIK Original®.

So if you want to know how bongomatik you are, listen to their recordings, or even better, check out one of their concerts wearing your most bongomatik outfit!

Currently, they are launching their outstandingly thrilling music at venues in Europe, Belgium and America.

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